Value Transmitter

On button press buttons of function Value Transmitter are sending a certain value to a given KNX group address. There are several different Data Formats available for the sending value. The default Data Format is Lightscene.
Name Name that should be shown beneath button.
KNX Address KNX group address for the value.
Data Format Here you select the Data Format of the value. You can choose from Lightscene, Temperature, Brightness, Energy, Power, Text, 1 byte, 2 byte, 2 byte float, 4 byte, 4 byte signed and 4 byte float. Default data format is Lightscene.
Memory Function This function is only available with Data Format Lightscene. If you set this function, a popup window will appear on long press of button, asking if you’d like to store the Lightscene. Note: The Lightscene is not stored in the App. If Store is pressed in popup, the App is sending store-telegram to given KNX address.
Value The value that should be sent.
Status indication This parameter is only available with Data Format Lightscene. If you check this option, the active Lightscene button is highlighted (orange bordered). There is a checkbox to set whether KNX Address should be polled or not. Note: If KNX Address should be polled, the address should be marked as readable in your ETS project.
Icon Select icon that should be shown on button.
More Settings
PIN Secured Check this option to avoid unauthorised access to this button. If the Secure PIN option is set, you need to enter a PIN before you could use the button. The PIN is set in Profile Settings and can also be easily changed later in iBEMI App Settings.
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