Removes the pain with project documentation and automates for quicker
and easier programming – get happier customers and save time.

Documentation may not be the fun part of running a business - but try succeeding without it.

You started your business for a reason, and that reason probably has nothing to do with complicated reports and spreadsheets.

Still, proper documentation helps you communicate better with customers. Without it customers can’t know what to expect and misunderstandings are inevitable, and those cost you money.

Project documentation helps you to grow by giving a structure to your business and it helps you to keep track of your design thinking and all project details during the long time a project usually takes.

As KNX system integrators ourselves, we realised that poor documentation was hurting our business, so we decided to fix the problem.

The KNX Tool replaces Word and Excel for your project documentation. Plan your projects in the tool with a more intuitive drag & drop system and print documentation that will help you plan better, be more structured, and experience less bugs. And whether you need purchase reports or user manuals, we’ve got you covered.

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Show in detail what happens on each push-button and all special functions that happens in each room. The document also works as a user manual.
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List all physical actuators with channels information that both installer and programmer needs.
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Speed up the product ordering and delivery process with integrated ordering system. Keep track of ordered products to effectively plan and manage each step of your projects.
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Calculate and manage all costs associated with each project. Both devices as well as programming time.
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KNX function group addresses

Ever thought Group Addresses should be easier?

We all develop our own techniques for handling group addresses, some use indexing, others use spreadsheets. Yet, in the end – it’s a process that takes a lot of time.

A common solution is to copy old structures between projects, but not only does that copy unused addresses and errors from your previous projects, it often results in new errors and inconsistent group address names making debugging a nightmare.

ETS has many great features like the new IoT functions – but they all require manual data entering which requires a lot of extra time and effort.


Forget spreadsheets and manually assigned index numbers. KNX Tool can automatically generate the Group Address Structure according to your own style. It will also group them into IoT functions in ETS which gives you a better overview of your project and speeds up programming.

Save time and money with every
KNX installation

A unique one-of-a-kind tool specifically designed for KNX installers and integrators to help save time


Visualise Planning

Planning KNX projects is more visual and intuitive with the KNX Tool’s drag & drop interface.

Map the building structure and drag & drop devices and functions where you want them. 

Assign button functionality and channel information in an intuitive way.

Sell functions not devices

Customers don’t care what relays or bus system their home will have, they care about what functionalities they get.

Show your customer what makes your project unique with functions.

Functions describe functionalities and events that you can programme with KNX e.g. turning on a scene or locking the doors.

Create your own functions or start off quick by downloading some from our online catalogue.

Smart house functionalities
Relaxed casual young man resting with hands behind head in a bright office

Automate and save time

The KNX Tool was designed with the principle of reusing components and templates to save time. The tool offers a variety of ways to automate your planning and refine your functions over time.

Save up to 65% of planning time by not having to manually copy and paste data, creating group address structures or print labels.

The automatically generated IoT functions sets you up for faster programming and it also allows other manufacturers like XXTER to automatically generate the visualisation in a fraction of time.

Programming & Commissioning

With our ETS APP you can import your KNX Tool project into ETS with the complete group address structure, topology, IoT functions and pre-configured devices – saving you a lot of time.

Take advantage of the new IoT functions in ETS and start to link channel to channel instead of object to object. The IoT functions will visually group the group addresses under functions you have in a room, this gives you a much more clear overview of your project so programming gets easier and faster.



The Most Efficient Way To Manage All
KNX Projects

Now you can effectively manage and coordinate every aspect of KNX projects with speed, accuracy and simplicity — to ensure the best possible results for your KNX projects.

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Yes, the KNX tool will help you make the documentation as well as setting up the project in ETS. you still need ETS for programming and commissioning

If you want to grow your KNX business you need to structure the projects and create documentation. if you only have a 1-2 projects a year you can manage with word and Excel but once you start to grow you will hit a wall where you can’t add functionality to your projects without documentation and you can’t grow without offering more functionality. Competitors who structure their projects are also able to sell their projects much cheaper.

No, it takes time to set up KNX Tool, so it doesn’t make sense.

KNX Tool saves time by utilising templates and databases. Once you have imported your favorite devices and

Setup the tool once, reuse them many times. And most importantly, templates let’s you perfectionise your applications overtime step by step.

Yes! Premium plans can have up to 5 users.
Contact us if you need more.

The normal free trial period is 14 days long. If you need longer you can contact us and we can extend it for you.

You can change your plan in the account settings of the KNX tool.

Yes, we are running the latest encryption on the data. Your data will be backed up daily to our servers. For long term storage we save the daily backup from every Sunday.

We take data privacy very seriously. We make sure to follow the EU:s guidelines on GDPR and we do not sell or give away user data to 3rd parties.

Unfortunately no, KNX tool is web based and requires an internet connection to access.

You can start by exploring any of the demo projects that are on your dashboard. Why not try creating a small test project of your own?

Be sure to check out our knowledge centre for tutorials on how to set up and use KNX Tool.

Have Remaining Questions?

If you want to talk to someone, send us an email to knxtool at


The KNX Design and Planning Tool can be used in a variety of different settings and applications for residential, commercial and industrial KNX projects of all types and size.

Effectively manage and streamline all stages of a KNX installation — from the initial development and design stages through to product ordering, commissioning and final project reporting.

Sell more KNX system installations by helping customers and building planners visualize the possibilities of KNX technology for their specific project (using easy-to-follow images and charts).

Put an end to time-wasting and confusing project planning methods such as Excel spreadsheets, with instant printouts of any documentation you may need to ensure the seamless integration and completion of KNX projects.op interface and allows for detailed function descriptions.


Time management project planning business internet technology concept

Coordinate Multiple KNX Projects In One Place.

The KNX Design and Planning Tool is a reliable SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform that ensures all KNX projects run smoothly — by providing remote and instant access to any documentation needed by other team members or contractors who may be involved with the integration of KNX systems.

Systematically plan, manage and control every aspect of KNX projects to gain a clear overview of their current status.

Color code projects and tasks according to priority and status. Arrange and organize project workflows to maximize productivity.

Stop using outdated, time-consuming and confusing documentation procedures such as Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft word.

Significantly reduce the amount of time spent on activities such as budgeting, time-tracking, product ordering, documentation and final reporting.


The KNX Design and Planning Tool operates with an easy to use drag-and-drop interface and allows for detailed function descriptions.

This lets you produce detailed and visually appealing KNX proposals for your customers that will help you sell a more diverse range of projects as a KNX installer.

Create professional and easy to understand user-manuals to ensure your customers know how to use their new KNX system properly after final programming.

Avoid any confusion or disappointment at the completion of projects by providing your customers with a comprehensive and easy-to-follow overview of all necessary requirements for their KNX project before work commences.