We do lighting design especially suited for smart homes – that is both beautiful and functional for everyday life.

The light in a space makes you feel, just like you feel something when you listen to music or eat good food. With music you combine drums, piano, guitar to get the right mood or salt, pepper & chili for the right taste – with lighting it’s no different.

When you walk into a room you instantly feel something, and lighting can completely change that feeling. We are proud over our way we think about about light, how we can divide lights into different elements where each type controls a feeling and in this way you can control how you feel.

Look below to see the four elements of light and what effect they have.


Calm and open feelings, maybe a bit boring just like a cloudy day


Intense and closed feelings, guides you focus and put you on alert


Luxurious and relaxing feelings, just like a sunny day at the lake or on a snowy mountain.

Colour temperature

controls your biorhythm like the sun has done for millions of years.

To change the mood in a room, you need to go around and press a bunch of buttons to turn lights on and off – this quickly becomes tedious with standard light switches. Scenes are programmed to change all the lights at once from just one button.

The KNX system allows us to do many things in a scene, you can set the light and turn on the tv when you want to watch a movie, or switch everything off and check that the doors are locked when you go to bed.

Customise your scenes with ease from your phone or tablet. Save it and get easy access from a push button.

Click to change the scene in the room.


Setting the mood in the room requires many light sources and switches – with a scene you just press one button.

Ambient light
Focal light


Did you know that the color temperature in lighting also affects how alert we feel?

At BEMI, we specialise in Human Centric Lighting Design, that means we know how light affects our bodies and minds and how to design lighting that helps you feel good.

Light regulates our bio rhythm. We design Smart Homes to follow the natural light cycles that keeps you alert during the day and make you sleepy at night. We do this by changing the colour temperatures of the light to mimic the natural daylight cycle of the sun.

The cold white light, that the sun naturally admits, tells the body that it’s daytime, and warm white light tells the body that it’s evening and time for bed. You can disrupt your sleep cycle if you are around too much white light late at night, and being around warm light during the day can make you feel tired.

With a KNX Smart Home lighting design becomes so much more than just lights. You need the right type of light at the right time of day.


A great lighting design combined with KNX blends into your life and becomes a luxury you didn’t know you needed.

Beyond lighting control, KNX can also control heating/cooling, security, multimedia e.g. the tv or music, blinds, energy management and more.

KNX also supports voice control with Google Home, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and closed systems.


Our lighting design is focused on dividing lights into 4 elements achieving optimal control for you.

The ambient light is lighting up the ceiling making it brighter than the floor, this gives volume and space. The Focal lights is highlighting objects, directing your eyes and casting shadows which gives you the dynamic in light you need to feel interested. The sparkling small reflections from shiny objects adds a luxurious and calm feeling. The color temperature sets the time of the day, warm white tells you it’s evening.

Energy Efficient

Energy efficient lighting goes further than just using LED lights, it’s illuminating the right surfaces so that the space becomes beautiful but is still energy efficient.

KNX Smart Homes help you track your energy consumption and cut down energy use with automatic lights, precise heating & cooling, and other automations. A KNX smart home is comfortable, energy efficient and future proof.


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Featured projects

We specialize in fully customized lighting design for all types of private and commercial buildings.


KNX is an open standard that lets different smart home products communicate and work with each other.

KNX has been around for 30+ years and today there are more than 500+ manufacturers that makes products that speaks the same language, not only makes this it the biggest system on the market but also the most future proof system.

With KNX you can conveniently and reliably control a wide range of automated smart devices, features and functions around the home or building.

KNX systems can also be installed in virtually any building — from a single family home or apartment to large residential complexes and commercial spaces and buildings.

Lighting design and function controls are key contributing factors in optimizing building operational efficiency, lowering energy costs and protecting the environment.

The customization options and possibilities of KNX lighting can ultimately lead to a significant reduction in energy usage, lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.


No matter how big or small your project is — our automated KNX Architectural Lighting Design systems can be fully customized to suit your needs and requirements.


Make it easy to operate complex events. Scenes makes life more comfortable.


Dimming lights up and down is just like turning up or down the music - in the end it just makes it harder to see or hear but it does not change the mood.


Labels on push-buttons are important, would you ever consider a TV remote control with out icons!


Customized control and management options