You can place up to eight buttons on each page, except the first page of your profile: here you could place for bigger buttons.

A new button is created by clicking on an empty button spot in the page preview. The new button is a copy of the latest modified button and it is placed on the selected spot. You delete a button by selecting it and clicking button Delete in the Attributes box.

You are able to change the position of the button through drag and drop in the preview windows. You could select different positions for the buttons for landscape or portrait orientation.

To avoid unauthorised access you are able to secure each button with a PIN. You find this option PIN Secured under More Settings of each button. If a button is PIN Secured, you need to enter a PIN when you press the button to unlock the profile. The PIN is set in Profile Settings and can also be easily changed in iBEMI App Settings later.

iBEMI offers you a wide range of different button functions. The button function is set at the entry Function of button in the attribute box. In the following you find all the information to the available button functions of iBEMI.

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