Set up KNX Connection

You find the set up for KNX connection in Profile Settings on first page (root element in Pages treeview) in iBEMI Profile Editor. For the primary connection you can either select KNXnet/IP Tunneling or KNXnet/IP Routing. If your tunneling connection is a remote connection (that means you connect to the KNX Gateway via WAN/Internet), you have to to check NAT attribute.

For connection type KNXnet/IP Type you could set a custom port, for KNXnet/IP Routing you could set custom Multicast IP address and custom port. Usually you would not change these default values though.

In section Remote Connection you are able to set up an (optional) alternative connection. If establishing primary connection fails, iBEMI will try to connect KNX through this connection. If both connections fail, iBEMI will throw a connection warning and it will try connecting again (first primary, then alternative connection) after 20 seconds. Note: The alternative connection is used only, if connecting to primary connection failed. For KNXnet/IP Tunneling this is the case when the Gateway did not reply (timeout). However, if the Gateway replies and is giving negative connection response (if there is no open channel for instance), the alternative remote connection is not used in this case. For a primary KNXnet/IP Routing connection the remote connection is used if the device is not connected to WiFi (Ethernet). In the iBEMI Settings you could also set Connection Mode opton to Remote. In this case iBEMI will only use the alternativ remote connection you configured in this section.

Please note that the IP Addresses/URL’s you enter are not verified. However, when you load the profile, iBEMI will throw a warning if the connection data is invalid.

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