Licenses and Apps: iBEMI and iBEMI Light

There are two different license types available: iBEMI and iBEMI Light. The full license version (iBEMI) is purchased from the local KNX installer or directly from us and is used together with the iBEMI APP. The light license version (iBEMI Light) is already included in the iBEMI Light APP when purchasing it from the App Store.

The two license types differ in the profiles you could use with them. An iDevice with iBEMI Light license is limited to keep one profile at a time. Furthermore there are also limitations in the size of iBEMI Light profiles. You are able to add up to 89 KNX widgets to an iBEMI Light profile. There are also limitations for the full license, iBEMI. However, these limitations (defaultly you could place more than 5000 widgets – ask if you need more) shouldn’t be relevant in common usage. Please contact us if you are struggling with iBEMI limitations.

Limitations Profiles Levels Extension pages Sub pages Number of widgets
 iBEMI 10 12 4 5 > 5000 (as default – extendable on request)
 iBEMI Light 1 1 1 0 89

If you are not sure, whether your custom profile exceeds iBEMI Light limitations, we recommend to first create an iBEMI Light profile, to test if its size is sufficient. You are always able to easily change profile type to iBEMI in the iBEMI Profile Editor in Profile Settings. Profile settings are accessed by clicking root element in the treeview of Pages section.

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