General Information

Info page with your company data, this data is used among other places also in the PDF reports.

Edit the general information by going to System > Admin Settings > General Information.


Company Settings:

In this page you are entering the information about your company. The company address, contact information, website, etc.


LOGO Settings:

The Logo which you upload here will be used as banner in the side pane of the KNX Tool and also in the documents/reports which are created for your projects (Note: this feature is only included in the paid subscription plans).


PDF Report Background:

The other way of branding your PDF reports is to upload a PNG file with a A4 size background image.
If you select the “Hide logo in reports” checkbox your LOGO won’t show on your reports. This is usually the case if you have your logo already in your background picture.

[NOTE: the picture format should be exactly an A4 size to cover the whole front page.]

[NOTE 2: The system only supports PNG and JPG file formats.]


Local VAT: 

Enter the value for your local VAT in percent. The tool will calculate the VAT included in your devices (in the KNX Device database) according to this value.


Click the link below to schedule a free live video appointment where we will show you how to setup and customize the KNX TOOL for your current projects.

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