New project

Step 1: Ceate a project with necessary data


Step 2: Upload your KNX group address list

  • Select the KNX Addresses (file) leaf in the project view
  • Export the Group addresses in ETS (3 levels, ….)
  • Upload the file to the iBEMI configurator


Step 3: Create your profile

  • In the iBEMI leaf: press the “New” button in the [iBEMI Profiles] section and give your profile a name e.g. the house owners Surename
  • You can select which type of profile you want, an iBEMI or iBEMI Light profile. See differences in Licenses: iBEMI and iBEMI Light
  • Click button Edit Profile to open your profile in iBEMI Profile Editor. See iBEMI Profile Editor: How to create your profile for further information.


Step 4: Add an iDevice to your project

  • Select the iBEMI leaf in the project view
  • Press the “Add iDevice” button
  • iBEMI: for iDevices runing the iBEMI app press the iBEMI button in the pop-up window, give your device a name like iPhone or iPad@home, fill in the voucher code and press “Add”
  • iBEMI Light: for iDevices with iBEMI Light app press the iBEMI Light button, enter a name for your iDevice and add it


Step 5: Sync iBEMI iDevice and project

  • in the iDevice that you want to use with that project, open Settings (by pressing the respective button in the upper left corner on starting page)
  • navigate to section License, enter the license key of the iDevice and press “Register device”
  • the device is now registered and you are able to load all the profiles of your online project
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