General Information

Page with all the basic information about the project


  • Contact: select the contact of your customer from the list. Add the contact to the Address book if it is missing.
  • Poject: enter the name of the project
  • (optional) Project Description: the text which you are entering here will be printed in the Function Description of the project
  • (optional) Address: enter the address of the project building
  • (optional) E-mail: e-mail address of the customer
  • (optional) Phone: phone number of the customer
  • (optional) Project Milestones: enter the milestones for the project
  • (optional) Date: enter the adding date of the project (default: todays date)
  • (optional) Header: project header information
  • (optional) Project Language: set the project language – the information of the devices in the project will be printed to the Function Description/Reports in this language
  • (optional) Project Start Date: project starting date
  • (optional) Project End Date: project ending date
  • (optional) Notes from Customer: enter notes from the customer here
  • (optional) Notes from Constructor: enter notes from the constructor here
  • Status: set the status for this project (Note: you can define you own Status categories at System / Project Settings / Project Status)
  • (optional) Description: enter an additional description for the project for internal use





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