All Projects (Card View / List View)

You can choose between two different views – Card View & List View – to present your projects.

Card View

Projects are listed by statuses. Status names, colors etc. can be changed in Menu: System / Project Settings / Project Status. You can drag and drop the projects to different statuses.

Every project has an Id which will be generated when you create your project. You can change the format for the Project ID under System / Project Settings / Project ID Format.

The green Eye icon will direct you to the project Drawing Board. Double click on the project or press the orange Pen icon to go to the Project Details.


List View

In this view you can search for a specific project with different criterias like Project ID, Name, Project Description etc.

Same functioniality as in Card View: The green Eye icon will direct you to the project Drawing Board and the orange Pen icon will open the Project Details.


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