KNX Group Address

This article will teach you how to use the KNX Tool’s KNX Group Address feature.

With the KNX Tool you can create your own Group Address structure automatically for all your projects. Create multiple GA profiles for different types of projects! You can also export the GA structure as an XML file to ETS or you can use the ETS App to import the whole project.

[NOTE: The KNX Group Address feature is only available for the Business and Premium subscriptions. To upgrade your subscription, go to System > Admin Settings > Subscription.]

One of the hardest job with ETS is to create a readable and correct KNX Group Address structure. Naming each group address is very time consuming, still very important to get a readable project since all is based on communication between devices. Copying the GA structure from old projects might save some time but the danger lies in the details, not updating all old text. It introduce bugs and it makes programming slow when you have to double check the structure many times to make sure you have the right text.

Not only will the KNX Tool create this Group Address structure for you automatically in a few seconds but it also allows you to finetune the structure over time in an easy way.

Below are two examples of different Group Address styles. One building based and the other function based.


How the Group Address Feature Works:

The KNX Group Address feature is based around GA sets.

A GA set is a function, event or a group of GA’s that you place in the main and middle structure. An example of a group address set is  lighting, heating, shutter, audio, etc. or as simple as a scene.

Each GA set is then linked to a device and the GA set is multiplied with the number of channels. The result is a GA structure that is completely based on the devices you have in your project as well as the right text for each channel, making the KNX programming much simpler.

However, projects can have different requirements and one type of GA structure might not suit all projects. With GA profiles you can create multiple main and middle structures to suit different project types.

[TIP: You should only link a GA Set to actuators, functions or building structure – not to pushbuttons since you can have many pushbuttons for one output/function.]

[NOTE: You can change the index (group address) number for a building, room or floor in the Building View.
Select the room/floor/building you want to change and click  to change the index number (See picture to right).]

Visit the following articles to learn how to set up a KNX Group Address:


Using the Group Address Feature

To generate a GA structure for a project. Open the Group Addres View  on the Drawing Board and click ‘Add Group Address.

Refress GA‘ will reload the channel text and load small updates.

Reset GA‘ will reset all made changes and generate the GA structure again. This is necessary f.ex after you have linked a new, or updated, GA set to one of the devices.

Move UP moves one or the whole structure up.

Move DOWN moves one or the whole structure down.

EDIT lets you edit and move single group addresses.

EXPORT lets you export the Group Address file into an ETS4 XML format which can be imported into ETS.

[TIP: When importing a GA structure into ETS, ETS doesn’t delete the old structure but rather copies it on top on the old one. This means that names will change and new GA’s will be added but old GA’s which are not covered in the imported file will remain.]

In the Actuator Report page you can select which Group Addresses you want to show in the report (print).

The “Group Address” button will select all GA’s for that device to be in the report.

[NOTE: There is also the option to add Group Addresses manually when clicking on a Ga field (text box). If you add GA’s manually here they will only printed as text in the Actuator Report and not added to the GA structure.]

You can also do individual changes to the channels by clicking on the GA field of a channel. Then, select the GA sets you want to be printed for that channel.

Remember to Refresh the Group Address Structure after you have done updates to single channels.

You can also edit the Group Address in the Actuator Report.

To change the GA Set for a single channel, click the channel name. Then select a new GA set in the channel text popup window.

[NOTE: If you change the default GA Set for a channel you need to Reset the GA structure to make the change take effect. You can do that in the Group Address view  on the Drawing Board]



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